Lord Vicar Tourdates
NewsLord Vicar March 2020 Tour

04th of March Hamburg- MS Stubnitz
05th of March Halle – Hühner Manhatten
06th of March Berlin – Zukunft Ostkreuz
07th of March Oberhausen-Helvete

Gates of Slumber Euro Tour
NewsPresented by Vibra Agency & The Church Within Records
04.03.2020 BEL – Brussels, Magasin 4, w Nornes, Loose License
05.03.2020 GER – Dortmund, Junkyard, w Hexer
06.03.2020 GER – Berlin, Zukunft, Lord Vicar, Cardinals Folly
07.03.2020 GER – Hamburg, Markthalle, Hell Over Hamburg 2020 w Haunt, Bellrope, Visigoth & more
08.03.2020 DNK – Copenhagen, Stengade, w Altar of Oblivion
09.03.2020 SWE – Gothenburg, Musikens Hus
10.03.2020 NOR – Oslo, Roverstaden, w Tempelheks III
11.03.2020 SWE – Stockholm Hus 7 w Black Soil, Hazemaze
13.03.2020 FIN – Helsinki,

Gates of Slumber and Lord Vicar

Zukunft am Ostkreuz, Berlin am 06.03.20 !!

More gigs wth Lord Vicar and Cardinal Folly will be announce soon

Thronehammer Tour + Vinyl Pre-Order !
Thronehammer Tour !
29th October - Fürth @ Kopf und Kragen with Blacksmoker.

30th October - Ravensburg @ Cafe Bar Balthes with Spiritual Void.

31st October - Berlin @ Hangar 49 with OPERATORS.

1st November - Halle @ Fliese with Reuze

2nd November - Heidelberg @ Beatfabrik with TBA.

3rd November - Kassel @ Goldgrube with Screamer(Swe) and Haunt(USA).

16th November - Hammer Of Doom Festival, Würzburg @ Posthalle with Lord Vicar, Mirror of Deception, Atlantean Kodex, Scald , Khemmis, Swallow the Sun etc.

Thronehammer - Usurper of the Oaken Throne
NewsTHRONEHAMMER unites United Kingdom and German musicians Kat Shevil Gillham (Uncoffined/Winds of Genocide/Ex-BlessedRealm), Stuart West (Ex-Obelyskkh/Ex-The Walruz) and Tim Schmidt (Naked Star/Seamount). „Usurper of the oaken throne“ is the debut full-length born of this union of notable extreme music perpetrators, rending nearly eigthy minutes of purely epic metal, bridging low-end heaviness with melodic destruction.They’re a powerful storm of aggression, gaining more and more momentum with true, honest spirit. „Usurper of the oaken throne“ has taken Thronehammer´s classic Candlemass-meets-Bathory-meets-Warhorse sound to new places. A return to the eve of all that’s heavy & punishing&epic!Epic doom at its bleakest! We come to slay !
Street Day. 03th of May !
on Tour with Lord Vicar !

Lord Vicar - The Black Powder

Mark the date: 3rd of may!

I Sulphur, Charcoal and Saltpetre (Kärki)
II Descent (Millsted)
III World Encircled (Millsted)
IV Levitation (Kärki)
V The Temple in the Bedrock (Millsted, lyrics Kärki)
VI Black Lines (Millsted, lyrics Kärki, Linderson, Millsted)
VII Impact (Kärki)
VIII Nightmare (Kärki)
IX A Second Chance
Including The Wagoner, My Soul Is Never Free, and Strict Master (Millsted)
The Black Powder is the fourth album from Lord Vicar. It was, like the previous album Gates of Flesh, recorded by audio wizard Joona Lukala at Noise for Fiction studio in Turku, Finland. All studio work took place in February and March of 2019. The studio has the benefit of a huge live room which gave the band the opportunity to capture a sound that breathes with the ambience of the space, but maintains the sonic weight for which they are rightly known.

This album is a return to longer form, and even more progressive song structures, but the punchier material is also provided with merciless precision, as well as soothing acoustic moments. The songwriting duties are shared by Kimi and Gareth, also Chritus providing lyrical output.
The album contains a loose lyrical concept relating to mankind’s endless lack of reason and weakness of stability, resulting to violence, war, manipulation of children, and numbing our minds in order to shut out the horror that is the reality we live in. We blow the black lines to feel good. This takes place generation after generation, in an endless cycle of standing and falling. Musically and lyrically the album covers a wide spectrum of textures from the all out punky attack of ’The Temple in the Bedrock’, fragile beauty of ‘Nightmare’, to the oppressive menace of the more intense moments of ‘Sulphur, Charcoal and Saltpetre’. This album is a grower, meant to be listened repeatedly, full of subtle details that reveal themselves with each subsequent listen.

’But children of that place remain with us
They illustrate the burden of our lies
And make us feel the hell of all those memories
Buried in the grave of the fireflies’

Lord Vicar / Thronehammer Tour 2019
NewsChurch Within Records präsentiert:

Lord Vicar / Thronehammer Tour 2019

03.Mai Würzburg ( D) @ Immerhin
04. Mai Weikersheim (D) @ Club W71
05. Mai Karlsruhe (D) @ P8
06. Mai Hamburg (D) @ Marx
07. Mai Szczecin (PL) @ Jambar
08. Mai Berlin (D) @ Slaughterhouse Moabit
09. Mai Halle (D) @ Hühnermanhatten
10. . Mai Oberhausen ( D) @ Helvete
11. Mai Tilburg (NL) @Little Devil Doom Day Festival

Crestfallen Queen joins Church Within Records !
NewsThe Queen joins the Church !!
Church Within Records is proud that Crestfallen Queen is now part of our congregation.

Crestfallen Queen hail from Stuttgart Germany but could have very well been born anywhere in the dark hazy fog of the seventies. The quintet was formed in 2016 playing their brand of Progressive Blackened Rock. The Doom laden riffs are backed by galloping metallic rhythms and hounded by eerie synths which are then topped off by a majestic voice that lurks somewhere between this world and the next.
Following the release of their completely analogue recorded, produced and quickly sold-out demo cassette „No More Let Life Divide What Death Can Join Together“ (released February 2018) the debut album „Queen of Swords“ pre­sents the detail-loving and unconventional soul of Crestfallen Queen in full length.
„Queen of Swords“ is full of passion and devotion, which is impressively un­derlined by the hand-drawn cover artwork of the Peruvian artist Jose Gabriel Alegría Sabogal. Inspired by ancient philosophy and mythology, the epic work tells the long forgotten stories of fallen heroines and their struggle with loss, fears, drugs, human abysses, self-empowerment, love, life and death. With „Queen of Swords“ History mutates into „Herstory“ and reveals fright­ening parallels to the realities of life of our time.
Crestfallen Queen are not to be taken light heartedly. The unconventional length of the songs speak for themselves where the music is challenging and stirring, a lot like life itself. Anyone who has seen the band live can feel the frankness of this statement. The bittersweet membrane between pain and ecstasy. Goosebumps running down your back at the sound of the hellish scre­ams alternating with a siren-like tenderness. Fury. Beauty. Death. Life. The rediscovery of everyday repressed emotions. Good. Evil. Alpha and Omega. Everything is one. One is everything. Solve et Coagula. Defeat and triumph. Rise and fall. The dialectical relationship of man being thrown into the best of all worlds.
We fall and we get up again. This is Crestfallen Queen - the Queen of Swords.
A catalyst. A poetess. The one who unmasks. Inviting us to the knowledge of our limited time on this earth and to meet one and others with sincerity.

Crestfallen Queen - “Queen of Swords”
Release date: 24.5.19

Church Within Vol I : Vampire Bites 10" Vinyl
NewsThis is the first release of a sequential output that will appear in form of a very nice

and specialized vinyl collection. Always two bands, always 10", always a special theme,

always a limited custom release. The Church Within Vol. 2 and 3 are in progress already.

Watch out and put your claws on that. . .

LORD OF SOLITUDE is the sound of a sarsen sliding open to reveal an ancient tomb. It is the

horrors released by disturbing the malevolence within. Based in Auckland (New Zeland),

Lord of Solitude is on a mission to show the world that New Zealand has more Lords to offer.

Dunc Blair - Vocals and bass, Craig Carr - Guitar, Aaron Davies - Drums

THRONEHAMMER is the collaboration of Stuart West (EX-Obelyskkh), Tim Schmidt (Seamount/Naked Star)

based in Southern Germany. Together with Kat Shevil Gillham (Blessed Realm/ Winds of Genocide) from

Durham(England) they forged a new weapon of subsonic destruction.

we came to slay! Come and witness an epic clash between epic doom meets sludge.
Highly recommended for fans of Goatsnake, Candlemass, Solitude Aeturnus and Warhorse.
Debut full Length will be released in spring 2019 via Church Within Records as well.

More crushing doom for you and you family!

CW051/CW052 Reverend Bizarre -" Crush the inscets" CD + "So Long Suckers" 2-CD out on Halloween !!
NewsNon-Exlusive and Limited Re-Release sof both records through Church Within Records .

The Reverend is dead – all hail the Reverend!“

CW049: The Obsessed - Live at the Wax Museum CD+2-LP
NewsThe Obsessed - Live at the Wax Museum
CD comes in a DVD case with Glow in the dark Print
2-LP comes in a gatefold sleeve with a glow in the dark print
black Vinyl and colour Doom-Dealer Shop Vinyl Version
Releases date 21th of September
Buy it now !

Line Up: Scott „Wino“ Weinrich – Guitar and Vocals
Mark „Professor Dark“ Dave – Bass
Dave „The Slave“ Flood – Drums

1. Intro 1:05
2. Burning Gland 3:24
3. Ground Out 2:51
4. Concrete Cancer 3:51
5. Failsafe 4:10
6. Decimation 5:32
7. Blind Ligthning 3:29
8. Sister & Sin 4:04
9. Iron & Stone 3:24
10. Guitar Solo 0:53
11. Endless Circle 3:45
12. Neatz brigade 8.24
13. Touch of Everything 5:01
14. Metal Kingdom 3:44
15. Sodden Jackal 4:34

In July 3th 1982 history was in the making when The Obsessed played LIVE at the Wax museum.
The Curtain went up and smoke rose from the stage as lightning bolts shot out from amps and thunder from the drums. As the audience was pinned to their to their electric chairs ( in the chamber of horror section of the museum), impending doom pounded int their brains. Everyone`s skulls were shattered that night as the immense amount of low end filled the halls of terror. Bottom end was everywhere as the audience shrieked with fear. Fright night was here to stay which lasted for about an hour and a half

CW042. Beelzefuzz – The Rightous Bloom
NewsThe Vinyl Version of the second Album. Beautiful Gatefold with alternative cover.
Pre.Order is up now.
Black Vinyl or colour Doom-Dealer Shop Version
Releases date will be the 21th of September

CW048 : Cruthu - The Angle of Eternity
NewsCruthu -The Angle of Eternity on Church Within Records !!
Based in Lansing, Michigan, Cruthu is comprised of vocalist Ryan
Evans, guitarist Dan McCormick, bassist Erik Hemingsen (Scott Lehman
also plays on the album), and drummer Matt Fry. The Angle of Eternity
was produced by McCormick and George Szegedy at The Black Lodge in
Lansing, and features cover art by Dan McDonald Studios in a grim
style perfectly suited to the band`s downer and ethereal songcraft.

The album is traditional doom metal with heavy 70s movements and
passages well structured and deliberate, says McCormick in
assessing the aesthetic. We were going for a more lo-fi, circa-70s
sound. Our current goal is to progress the project into some
early-NWOBHM over time without compromising our traditional influence.

Songs like the lurching „Lady in the Lake“ and „Bog of Kildare“ will
earn understanding nods from fans of doomed greats like Trouble, Pagan
Altar and The Gates of Slumber, and the progressive edge brought to
„Seance“ and the closing title-track make a clear statement that
Cruthu offer a richness of approach to coincide with their memorable
riffing and thematic lyrics.
Recorded 100 percent to tape, The Angle of Eternity weaves a
natural-sounding tapestry of doom across its course, capturing a raw
vision of heavy metals roots as righteous in its execution as its
foundations. It is doom by doomers, for doomers, and readily lets the
rest be as damned as they are. -JJ Koczan, The Obelisk

Street date: 23.Feb 2018 on CD,Vinyl and Download

CW046: Purple Hill Witch - Celestial Cemetery
NewsWith their sophomore album Celestial Cemetary out on Church Within Records [date], Norwegian Purple Hill Witch hits a sweet spot in the metal triangle between Angel Witch, Black Sabbath and Hawkwind. It’s that alchemistic moment where psych, doom, NWOBH, proto metal and rock is molded and sculpted into a perfect entity. Whereas their debut album had more of a stoner rock vibe to it, the new album takes the listener on a sheer proto doom journey past vast galaxies of swirling, Iommic riffs, blistering soli, driving drums and a steady surge of pulsating bass. What really strikes through on Celestial Cemetary is how much atmosphere and true feeling the band manages to cramp into the furrows of their sonic landscape – this album oozes with hallucinogenic visions of occult rituals and barren medieval country sides haunted by wicked witches. As such it leaves an even darker, more sinister imprint, and if there ever was an immaculate soundtrack for when going witch hunting across celestial cemeteries this would have to be it. Grab the magic wand and a copy of Purple Hill Witch’s new album before the next hunt, you will need it.

1. Ghouls in Leather
2. Hardbinger of Death
3. Celestial Cemetery
4. Around the Universe
5. Menticide
6. The First Encounter
7. Burnt Offering

Street date: 10th of November

Naked Star over Vienna !!
NewsNaked Star will play the Doom over Vienna festival in November.


with MONOLITHE (FRA), Hour Of 13 (USA), Arkham Witch (GBR), Pilgrim (USA), Hooded Priest (BEL/NLD), Altar of Oblivion (DMK), Black Capricorn (ITA), The Temple (GRE), Desolate Pathway (GBR), Haunted (ITA), Naked Star (GER), Kvlt&Knochen (AUT). Organized by Soundwall Entertainment - at Viper Room Vienna – – hier: Viper Room Vienna.

Lord Vicar - Gates of Flesh Vinyl Pre-Order up !!!!!
NewsLord Vicar – Gates of Flesh Vinyl Pre-Order up !!

The vinyl version of the third Lord Vicar album will be ready to ship at the 10.08. !!!
The package of the vinyl will be again something special and in this way never seen before in the Doom Metal history . So after several tries and error and a few preproduction models the printing company is putting all the elements manual together right now.
So the waiting was to be worthwhile and a pre-order is now up at the Doom-Dealer shop.

CW046: Artic Sleep - Passage of Gaia
NewsProgressive atmospheric doom juggernauts Arctic Sleep return with their sixth full-length album, 2014's "Passage Of Gaia." Returning to their roots as a two-man band with a gigantic sound, multi-instrumentalist Keith D and guitarist Mike Gussis once again steal you away from reality and plunge headlong into 54 minutes of pure sonic power, beauty and imagination.  This follow-up to their critically acclaimed 2012 album "Arbors" expands on the band's unique musical recipes with their most complex & exciting material yet.


1. The Staircase
2. Terra Vindicta 
3. Green Dragon 
4. Hyperion 
5. Antipode 
6. Passage Of Gaia 
7. Solar Lament
8. Destroy The Urn

CW045: Artic Sleep - Arbours
NewsArctic Sleep returns with their heaviest, biggest-sounding, most epic record to date, 2012's "Arbors." A caress of lush cello arrangements greets you briefly before this masterpiece jolts you headlong into the wormhole on a journey through the band's unique world of mystic forests, majestic oceans of sorrow, and other earthen realms. Arctic Sleep creates a soundscape that is unique among today's heavy bands in that it employs major-key riffing, intense down-tuned distortion, soothing vocals, classical instruments, themes of forestry and nature, along with modern-day production techniques with songwriting that pulls influence from a wide variety of genres including doom metal, 90's rock, space rock, classical, drone/ambient, shoegaze, post-metal, and the list goes on. Join Arctic Sleep on this exciting and blissfully heavy escape from reality.

1. Avenue Of The Giants
2. Geneva 
3. Black Moth
4. Althena's Pond
5. Pine Mountain
6. Timber
7. Valley Of Poison 
8. Sea Of Origins
9. Wolf Nature
10. Release The River

Street day: 21th of April !

CW044: Naked Star - Ancient Rites

NAKED STAR is the new musical outlet of Tim Schmidt (Seamount) and Jim Grant (Vampyromorpha), born in a night with a lot of booze, horror movies and a bloodmoon. In spring 2016 the 10’’ EP “Bloodmoon Prophecy” has already been released via Voize Of Azram Records, followed by a tape version from Auric Records. After the first collaboration had turned out to be very fertile, the duo began working on their full-length debut very soon and found the right label with The Church Within Records. Expect a full dose of pure and extremely HEAVY Doom in the vein of Saint Vitus, Goatsnake, Black Sabbath, Electric Wizard, Count Raven, Hour Of 13 and the likes! In the upcoming winter season 2016/2017, NAKED STAR will plan several club performances, consolidated by two live members.

"Spawn Of The Witch" - audio clip:


1. Purgamantic (2:10)
2. Stoned Demon (5:15)
3. Spawn Of The Witch (6:44)
4. Be My Sacrifice (5:58)
5. Bound To Hell (6:02)
6.. Alter Ego (6:20)
7. I Am The Antichrist (6:16)
8. Necrolust (5:12)

CW042: Beelzefuzz – Righous Bloom Coming !!!
NewsBeelzefuzz is a heavy rock band from North East MD formed in 2009. Releasing a 4 song demo in 2010 they established a loyal fan base in the DE, MD, PA area that eventually led to signing with Germany's very prestigious Church Within records in 2012. Beelzefuzz incorporates a very unique style of heavy music similar to the classic sounds of early 70's bands such as Uriah Heep, Deep Purple and Black sabbath as well as contemporary acts Pentagram, Graveyard and Earthride. Still Beelzefuzz remain decidely independent with their own personal brand of melodic heavy rock and the David Byron, John Lawton crossed with Mark Farner vocal stylings of singer and guitarist Dana Ortt shine through beautifully in songs such as "Lotus Jam", "All the Feeling Returns", "Reborn" and the haunting "Hypnotize". Joined by drummer Darin McCloskey (Pale Divine) in 2011, Beelzefuzz entered the studio again to record a new four song demo. Sparking quite a bit of label interest they secured the deal with The Church Within records and released their first self titled album via the label in 2013. The current and active lineup of Beelzefuzz is Dana Ortt (vocals/guitar), Darin McCloskey (drums), Greg Diener (lead guitar/vocals), Bert Hall (bass). A new album entitled "II The Righteous Bloom" is set to be released from The Church Within records at the 29th of September

Lord Vicar - Gates of Flesh Update
NewsThe new release date of the Lord Vicar - Gates of Flesh CD will be announced soon.
Due theoverlaoding of the pressing plants right now the vinyl version needs around 6 months. There will be some special packages coming again !
Here are some press comments

Doom Metal of the finest brand that is true to the genre's roots!" - Close-Up Magazine (SWE), 8/10

"Good, classic Doom!" - Metal Norge (NO), 7,5/10

"Ein starkes Werk mit verdammt guten Songs!" - Amboss Mag (D)

"So einfach und doch unterhaltsam kann Doom der alten Schule sein!" - Demonic Nights (A), 8/10

"Lord Vicar perfectly nail every facet of doom metal on this record!" - Transcending Obscurity (IND)

Excellently performed tradtional doom!" - Aardschok (NL), 77/100

"Remarkable record! One of the best within the genre so far this year!" - Xtreem Music (E), 8,5/10

"Great album!" -White Room Reviews (NL)

"This is the doom - with all his melody, grit, poetry and darkness!" - Metalhead (IT), 8,5/10

"'Gaste Of Flesh' is a must-have for every fan of classic doom metal!" - Wings Of Death (NL)

"A fine album with lots of variety!" - Rockmuzine (NL), 7,5/10

"Klassischer Doom wurde lange nicht mehr so überzeugend und so nahe an der Perfektion gespielt wie auf 'Gates Of Flesh'!" - (D), 9/10, Soundcheck Pos. 4

"Traditional doom lovers can buy this album blindly!" - Zwaremetalen (NL), 82/100

"'Gates Of Flesh' is extremely consistent!" - Ultraje (POR), 8/10

"A small doom classic of our time!" - Rock Hard (IT)

"'Gates Of Flesh' besitzt ein amtliches Nachhaltigkeitssiegel, das Genre-Profis nicht übersehen sollten!"  - Rock Hard (D), 8/10, Soundcheck Pos. 9

"This album is filled with beauty, with soul, with emotion! It is intense heavy, eerie, spacey, so alluring and almost ritualistic!" - Metal Maniac (BRA), 9,5/10

"A great album! This is the elite of Doom!" - Metalbrothers (E), 9/10

"A ride on those dark sounds of the 70s and 80s! Heavy!" - Queens Of Steel (E), 8/10

"This album is a solid piece of conventional doom that keeps a solemn course along the post-Sabbath path adorned with gothic finery like something from a Hammer Horror movie!" - Abysmal Hymns (USA), 8/10

Terrorizer UK) - 8/10

Rock Hard (D)
Deaf Forever (D)
Metalbrothers (E)
Transcending Obscurity (IND)
Fire Magazine (IT)
Inferno Magazine (FIN)
Masterful Magazine (PL)
Lords Of Metal (NL)
Close-Up Magazine (SWE)
Terrorizer (UK)

CW042: Lord Vicar – Gates of Flesh 27th May !!!
NewsLord Vicar Biography

As the final nails were hammered to the coffin of Reverend Bizarre (1995-2007, R.I.P.), guitar player Peter Vicar -- nowadays going with his real name Kimi Kärki -- started to follow his vision of a new Doom Metal band. He felt forced to fulfil his need to compose and play this most arcane form of metal in the way it was meant to be, full of intensity, cruelty, heaviness, and force. Still firmly walking in the footsteps of Saint Vitus, Trouble, Witchfinder General, Pentagram and The Obsessed, Lord Vicar brings together an international lineup featuring Chritus Linderson (ex Saint Vitus, Count Raven, Terra Firma), Sami Hynninen (a.k.a. Albert Witchfinder ex Reverend Bizarre) and Gareth Millsted (ex Centurions Ghost).

About Gates of Flesh

Leper, you used to be so beautiful
You hope that you are dreaming now, but this is for real

The Gates of Flesh is the third album from Lord Vicar. It was recorded by audio wizard Joona Lukala at Noise for Fiction studio in Turku, Finland, in the Autumn of 2015. The studio had the benefit of a huge live room which gave the band the opportunity to capture a sound that breathes with the ambience of the space, but maintains the sonic weight for which they are rightly known.

The tracking of the album was undertaken by the core of the band – Kimi, Gareth and the legendary Lord Chritus, with bass duties being split between Kimi and Gareth. Sami is not featured on the album but has been taking care of bass for live shows.

Deliberately shorter than previous albums, the band sought to concentrate their trademark heaviness into shorter, punchier songs and fit the album onto a single vinyl LP. The result is an album that the band consider their most focused and intense release to date.

Whilst this is definitely not a concept album, there is a loose lyrical theme relating to the pleasures and weaknesses of the flesh. Musically and lyrically the album covers a wide spectrum of textures from the fragile beauty of ‘A Woman Out Of Snow’ to the oppressive menace of ‘Leper, Leper’, with subtle details that reveal themselves to the listener with each subsequent listen.

Mirror, it surely cannot lie to me
This must be what’s left to see
I can’t turn away…

1. Birth of Wine
2. The Green Man
3. A Shadow of Myself
4. Breaking the Circle
5. Accidents
6. A Woman out of Snow
7. Leper, Leper

Purple Hill Witch - Same LP out in November
NewsThe amazing debut album of Purple Hill Witch will be ready on Vinyl in November.
High quality vinyl in two different colours.
Watch out !

Alucarda - Raw Howls
News When they got their first concert, Simon Daniel Larsen had joined on guitar and Alucarda became a three piece band.

In the summer of 2014, their first full length, titled Raw howls, was recorded live duriRisen from the filthy streets of Copenhagen in late 2011, with the love for old fuzzy garage punk, doom metal and exploitation movies and other sleazy flicks. At the beginning it was more or less a one man project, started by Hampus Wahlgren. When their demo tape, D.F.F.L, was ready for recording in 2012, Marcus Ferreira had been sitting behind the drums for about three three days in a rehearsal room by Marcus.
”It was recorded fast and with a ”Yeah, pretty sure we played it right, let’s do the next track!” – kind of attitude, haha. The album got some parts that’s charmingly bad. A either you like it or you dont kind of deal I guess…
It’s sloppy, loud and filthy!”

1. Northville Cemetery, 01:42
2. The Filthy Few, 05:09
3. Temptress of evil, 04:43
4. Coven Howls, 06:12
5. Witches Dance, 05:50
6. The Savage, 06:57
7. Deadbeat Psych-out!, 04:02

For fans of Electric Wizard or Satan`s Satyrs

Seamount - Nitro Jesus
NewsSeamount began in 2007 as an idea of guitarist Tim Schmidt in Wurzburg, Germany under the influence of his fondness for the melodic hard rock and heavy metal style of bands like the Obsessed, AC/DC, Black Sabbath and so many others. On his search for the proper vocalist American singer Phil Swanson introduced himself as a potential candidate for the position and without much more thought the two moved forward quickly writing their debut “NTODRM” an acronym for “New Torch of Doom Rock Music” a term coined between the two members from their very first conversation about Seamount and its musical direction.
The initial 2008 debut was released as an interactive free download before getting picked up for a double vinyl gatefold pressing by Merciless Records which was followed by Seamounts first European tour that culminated a successful opening of Hammer of Dooms inaugural festival.
Just more than a year later Seamount returned in 2009 with a slightly more experimental approach on “Light and Truth” which found them the new welcome home of Church Within Records that had a highlighted tour opening Doom Shall Rise.
Almost a year to the day Seamount returned in 2010 again with their third release of “Sacrifice” that received their greatest appreciation to date with numerous favored reviews and best of year accolades. Another record meant another quick European tour of support this time with labelmates Serpent Venom and at the time Orchid.
Seamount then went back to the writing and recording process taking two years time to release 2012’s bold concept record of love and spirituality “Earthmother”. The bands fourth and bravest effort was surprisingly well received despite its parsimonious indulgence.
After Earthmother Seamount took a break from live appearances and for the first time slowed its writing process until they gathered up their ideas for this new 2015 release of their fifth studio recording “Nitro Jesus” that brings back the straight ahead vibe of Sacrifice and NTODRM, prioritizing a more hook oriented style that puts Seamounts adroitness for rhythm and melody to a prominent forefront, proudly stating the idea of traditional songwriting above all else.

Bestial Rising
Can`t Escape the Pain
Nito Jesus
Scars of the Emotional Stuntman
Hold up the Sun
Beautiful Sadness
In the End
No one Knows

CD ready for Pre.-Order
2 x 10" Vinyl will be ready in November

AEONSGATE is a  Doom project and it may become a cult.

The first record called “Pentalpha” is a one hour long song that tells a sad, romantic and very heavy -doomy story of someone's first minutes of death. It was recorded at Inception Studios in different parts of the world (L.A., Stockholm, Barcelona...) and produced, mixed and mastered by Billy Anderson at SharkBite Studios (Oakland, Ca). The release is set for October 24th, 2014 through Germany's THE CHURCH WITHIN RECORDS ( ).
AEONSGATE is the brainchild of Jondix (guitar player and founder of Great Coven, EIght Hands for Kali and Ätman-Acron). This time he is surrounded by amazing musicians. Mats Leven (Krux, Malmsteen, Therion, Candlemass,...) is the singer and his agonic and beautiful voice makes the song as sad and dark as you can get. Joseph Diaz is the mysterious bass player who played before with the likes of Graham Bonnet, Bobby Martin,...) And finally Marco Minneman (Kreator, Necrophagist, Steven Wilson,...) on drums playing in a trance inducing sabbathic progressive way strange in this musical genre. This doom opera song mixes 70's, neoclassical and oriental elements and will be remembered as 2014 Doom's ultimate epitome.

A lot of doom cliches and full of surprises, this record will change you forever...

You can check out a little excerpt at this location:

Mats Leven - vocals 
Jondix - guitars 
Joseph Diaz - bass and keyboard 
Marco Minneman - drums

Serpent Venom hardcoverbook is ready to order now !
NewsLim. hardcover in Slipcase version of the new album !
The book is a landscape block of 210mm by 161mm with a spine of 6.85mm and it is bound in buckram and litho printed in full colour with metallic ink. The cardboard slipcase is also printed with a design in metallic ink. The images inside the book are also full colour, the band photograph a black and silver duotone.
The booklet contains a series of abstracted images set beside the printed lyrics marking an imagined metaphoric metaphysical path through the door. Some images have greater abstraction than others but should be seen alongside the songs they reflect or represent. They are not pure illustrations as they do not paint a clear picture. The images use symbols, composition colour and shape to interpret a perceived meaning or aspect of within the lyrical content.

1. The Penance You Pay
2 .Sorrow's Bastard
3. Death Throes At Dawn
4. The Lords Of Life
5. I Awake
6. Let Them Starve
7.Pilgrims Of The Sun
8. Burning Free

Beelzefuzz - Same LP 6th of May !
NewsThe vinyl version of Beelzefuzz debut album will see the lights of day at the 6th of May.
The record store day version is allready sold out and next to the black heavy vinyl will be a colour version with a special extra.

CW037: Serpent Venom - „Of Things Seen And Unseen’ CD + special version
The 2014 release of the album 'Of Things Seen & Unseen' marks a new beginning for Serpent Venom.

Conceived in 2008, Serpent Venom, hailing from London and Hertfordshire, brought their brand of 70's tinged, traditional heavy doom to a wide audience across the UK, receiving high praise for debut album 'Carnal Altar' and their live shows. Upon the departure of Pete Fox, Serpent Venom enlisted guitarist Roland Scriver, (Sloth, End of Level Boss) and toured hard across the British Isles and Europe. With a ferocious live presence and thunderous volume, the band continued to cement their reputation as a live act playing with the likes of Trouble, Pentagram, Conan, Black Magician, Goatess and Bast, all whilst honing the riffs for the second album.

'Of Things Seen & Unseen' was recorded at Skyhammer Studio in October 2013 with Chris Fielding (Electric Wizard, Conan, Capricorns, Taint, Coltsblood, Bast) at the helm. It is the first recording to feature guitarist Roland Scriver and marks a song writing approach that came straight out of the jam room and involved the whole band.

1. The Penance You Pay
2 .Sorrow's Bastard
3. Death Throes At Dawn
4. The Lords Of Life
5. I Awake
6. Let Them Starve
7.Pilgrims Of The Sun
8. Burning Free

Release Date: 27th of June

CW038: Purple Hill Witch – Same CD Release Date 27th of June
Purple Hill Witch was summoned out of the Norwegian countryside for about three years ago. The young trio (whofs members are also to be found in Spectral Haze, Condor and Flight) are under heavy influence of bands such as Pentagram, Witchfinder General and Black Sabbath, complimented by the filthiness of old heavy- and thrash- metal bands from the 70Œs and 80Œs.

After spending their first couple of years playing alongside many great bands in Oslofs shady basements, they crossed the Norwegian border for the first time this November, as they hit the European roads together with the doom legends of Lord Vicar. The 7-vinyl entitled gAlchemyh is their only official release so far, but the band has recently been in the studio finishing up their first full length album, which is expected to finally surface in the early parts of 2014.

01 Queen of the Hill
02 Astral Booze
03 Final Procession
04 Karmanjaka
05 The Landing
06 Aldebaranian Voyage (Into the Sun)
07 Purple Hill Witch

Release date: 27th of June

Blackfinger - Same CD + LP Pre.Order ! 31.01.2014
NewsThe fantastic Blackfinger album is now ready for pre-order !
Following his departure as longtime vocalist for Chicago doom legends TROUBLE in 2008, Eric Wagner promptly removed himself from the spotlight and began intently writing new material of a more personal nature. Those writing sessions would yield the musical inspiration for BLACKFINGER. Described adamantly as a “band” and not a “project”, BLACKFINGER began to take shape as a unit in 2009, with Wagner recruiting hometown friends Rico Bianchi and Doug Hakes on guitars, Ben Smith on bass, and Larry Piatz on drums. Over the course of the next four years, the group would meticulously craft and commit eleven tracks to tape. These tracks, with their many peaks and valleys of heaviness and melancholy, along with Wagner's signature vocals, would ultimately become the self titled debut album. “Blackfinger” will mark the singer’s first recorded output since TROUBLE's 2007 release "Simple Mind Condition".

In August of 2013, fans of Eric and BLACKFINGER were put on notice that it would not be much longer before the debut record would be unleashed. BLACKFINGER signed a worldwide deal with Germany’s prestigious The Church Within Records, home to several of the most revered bands in the genre. While Dark Star Records will continue to handle all digital versions, the full length CD and limited edition vinyl promise to be out on The Church Within Records

1 I am Jon 3:12
2 Yellowwood 4:15
3 Why God 3:55
4 On Tuesday Morning 4:09
5 As long As I`m With You 5:00
6 Here Comes The Rain 4:24
7 Keep Falling Down 3:45
8 My Many Colored Days 3:36
9 For one More Day 5:25
10 All the Leaves are Brown 2:48
11 Til Death Do Us Part 3:04

Beelzefuzz Warm-up show 14.11 Würzburg
NewsBeelzefuzz will Play a warm-up Show at the 14th of November in Würburg Immerhin Club ( same building as Hammer of doom Posthalle)
Support will be Black Wasteland

Lord Vicar / Purple Hill Witch Tour 2013
NewsLord Vicar / Purple Hill Witch Tour 2013
2th November Würzburg -Cafe Cairo (Germany)
3th November Nürnberg - Artischocken ( Germany)
4th November Bologna - Freakout (Italy)
5th November Rimini - Sidro club (Italy)
6th November Milano - Blue rose saloon ( Italy)
7th November Insbruck p.m.k. Club (Austria)
8th November Budapest Red & Blue hell ( Hungary)
9th November Vienna Doom over Vienna Festival ( Austria)

Blackfinger signed to Church Within Records
NewsWe are extremely pleased to announce that BLACKFINGER, featuring former TROUBLE vocalist Eric Wagner, has signed a worldwide deal with Germany’s prestigious Church Within Records. The mastered album is being delivered to Church Within as we speak, and the CD and Vinyl versions are expected out by the end of the year. An exact release date will be announced soon. A full tour in the support of the album is being discussed, and will be reported on as things fall into place.

Serpent Venom will play Day of Doom festival !!!!

Beelefuzz debut record will be out at the 09th of August
NewsAll promos will be out end of this month

Spancer with Eagle Twin live in Hamburg
NewsSpancer will support Eagle Twin in Hamburg:
Dienstag, 02.07.2013 / 20:30 Uhr - 23:30 Uhr

Eagle Twin (USA)

Salt Lake City-based heavy rock duo Eagle Twins’ sophomore LP is finally upon us! Once again, they have created a true masterpiece that will devastate forward-thinking riff-seekers everywhere!

Eagle Twin merges the talents of guitarist Gentry Densley (of legendary post-hardcore/jazz icons, Iceburn) with the thunderous percussion of Tyler Smith (formerly of Form of Rocket). Eagle Twins’ incredibly potent and unique multi-faceted approach became apparent to the world when their debut album, The Unkindness of Crows, stormed doom and experimental music fans later that year.

Hafenklang in Hamburg

Beelzefuzz is now part of the Church !!!
NewsWhat an amazing band !! Church Within Records is really proud to work with this unique band. Their debut album is coming soon !

"amazing brand of 70's influenced Rock/Progressive DOOM getting a wide exposition in 2013 with their now very awaited debut album...
It's pretty rare, until now, to hear influences from Uriah Heep, Queen, Genesis or even Deep Purple in DOOMY sounds, BEELZEFUZZ does incorporate them with a pretty unique energy, very different from all that retro-bluesy wave, this is very melodic but always amazingly fuzzy and never in rest of heaviness , listen for example "Hypnotize" as a very representative song of their style which generates exceptionally positive vibes." Temple of Perdition blog

Serpent Venom will play the last Doom Shall Rise festival !!
NewsSerpent Venom will come over to Germany for the last Doom Shall Rise Festival in Göppingen at the weekend 26/27 of April. For this festival Serpent Venom will have a special new Merch

"On the 26th, we will be coming back to Germany for Doom Shall Rise. It is with a heavy heart that we play the last festival for the forseeable future, but with a great sense of honour to be part of it. Come and have a beer with us, and lets make the weekend one to remember for Frank and Jochen"

Serpent Venom - Carnal Altar 2-LP coming soon !!
NewsThe 2-LP version of the stunning debut album of Serpent Venom`s - Carnal Altar will be out at the 26th of April !!
Coming with an alternative coverartwork, gatfold, printed inner sleeves + a special version in colour vinyl in a "godhead" bag

Purple Hill Witch - Alchemy Pic 7"
NewsChurch Within Records is happy to present you some fresh blood from Norway.
A high quality pic 7" will come in December. Ready to bring you an unholy Christmas.

Purple Hill is the latest Scandinavian band to embrace the gloomier side of metal.

The Oslo trio’s easy accessible brand of doom is consumed by plodding, monolithic riffs and the gloomy ballistics of Sabbath (and to a lesser extent the sprit of early Saint Vitus).

CW031: Seamount - Earthmother CD out at the 10th of November !
NewsFourth Seamount album. Earthmother will see the lights of day at the 10th of November !

•This is the first concept record of sorts by Seamount. It was inspired by a friend and the change she made in me and how I look at life. Also by some revelations I had in a very deep and dark conversation with another friend when he helped me realize perhaps I have been hiding behind the negative because I had never witnessed the positive.

Theres a simple tool to use when listening to this record. On the surface it plays like a spiritually themed storyline but if you replace the idea of faith and religion with and god with the one you love then you can read between the lines. It is dedicated to the greatest love something Ive always wondered about and admired.

I have a better understanding of what it is now and how we ourselves own our love and make it as strong as we choose. Its how much we are willing to give and offer not how much we receive. That`s why it can be blind at times. We create love the same as we create God, its our faith in it that makes it what it is.

- Phil Swanson

CW032: Lord of the Grave - Green Vapour
NewsFinally ! The new and second lord the the Grave record will be out at the 10th of November.

Lord of Grave`s second album Green Vapour is a blast from the underground, it comes from the caves of the grave. It peers more into the sludgy rock n roll side of heavy stoner doom with a more nihilistic,fuck it aspect to it. Yet it is sexy and has the mandatory feel of Black Sabbath, the feeling of groovy 70s fuzzrock. It will make you nod, it will make you bang in a sluggish kinda way. Here`s an assembly of horror, self-destruction and perversions.

New Church Within Vinyl !!
NewsThe pre-order is up now for these records:

Orchid - Through the Devil`s doorway LP
Orchid - Capricorn 2-LP
Lord Vicar - Signs of Osiris 2-LP
Lord Vicar / Revelation Split 10"
Sigiriya - Retun to Earth LP

All records will be ready end of this week / beginning of next week

Lord Vicar / Orchid / Sigiriya Tour
News06. April London (UK) Desert Festival
07. April Oberhausen ( Germany) Helvete Club
08. April Golenov (Poland)Teatr Brama
09. April Lichtenfels ( Germany) Paunchy Cats club
10. April Würzburg ( Germany) Cafe Cairo
11. April Köln ( Germany) MTC
12. April Tilburg ( The Netherlands) Roadburn Festival
13. April Hamburg ( Germany) Marx / Markthalle
14. April Berlin ( Germany) White Trash

Lord Vicar - "Signs of Osiris" NEW Album coming !!!!
NewsSigns of Osiris” is set for release via The Church Within Records on October 31st. The band will play the release show for the album at the 6th edition of Hammer Of Doom Festival (October 28th – 29th) in Würzburg, Germany. A proper tour is planned for April 2012.

Sign of Osiris Slain
The Answer
Child Witness
Between the Blue Temple and the North Tower
Sinking City
Endless November
Sign of Osiris Risen

New release date and holiday !
NewsDue a pressing plant problems the new release date of the Sigirya and Spancer CDs is now the 15.09.There is a pre-order up now !
The doom-dealer shop is closed till the 14.09 cause of holiday. All order will send out after the 14th.
Oh and we have new Church Within Records Shirts !!!

Orchid / Seamount / Serpent Venom Tour
NewsOrchid / Seamount / Serpent Venom tourdates:
20.10 Würzburg ( Germany) Cairo
21.10 Halle ( Germany) Marktwirtschaft
22.10 Oberhausen ( Germany) Helvete + local support
23.10 Tilburg ( The Netherlands) Little Devil
24.10 Gent ( Belgium) Frontline
25.10 Bremen ( Germany) Meisenfrei
26.10 Goleniów ( Poland) Rampa
27.10 Nürnberg ( Germany) Kunstverein
28.10 TPA
29.10 Hammer of Doom Festival ( Germany) ( only Orchid and Seamount)

Lord Vicar live with Candlemass and Trouble in Greece!!!
NewsCANDLEMASS (Sweden, with both Johan Langqvist performing the whole
"Epicus Doomicus Metallicus" Album & Robert Lowe performing the rest
of the material)
TROUBLE (U.S.A., Featuring Kory Clarke (WARRIOR SOUL) on vocals)
LORD VICAR (Finland / Sweden / U.K., Featuring Peter Vicar (ex
REVEREND BIZARRE) and Christian Lindersson (ex COUNT RAVEN, ex SAINT

Saturday 8 October 2011 - Athens - Fuzz Live Music Club

CW026: Serpent Venom - Carnal Altar CD-Book
Serpent Venom arose from the grave in 2008 to inflict doom upon the masses.
If you like your classic doom, think Saint Vitus, Pentagram, The Obsessed and many in between, you have to check out the Serpent Venom album - Carnal Altar.

The initial release will be on CD in a book style package with 16 pages full of lyrics and creepy images which pays homage to the old beat, horror, pulp paperback's or italian fumettis of the 70s.
Once again something really special for your bookshelf ähh CD rack

Release date: 31.05.11

Up to order now. Check out the doom-dealer shop !

"Return to Earth' of Sigiriya on Church Within Records !!
NewsI am proud to announce that the debut album 'Return to Earth' of Sigirya will be out on The Church Within Records.
The artwork is nearly ready and Jimbob ( Taint) did a fantastic job.

So Acrimony is still on my „Top-5-missing-bands“ ,but now we have Sigiriya !!!
Expect some welsh heavyness. Fuck Yeah !! I mean FUCK YEAH !!!! Seriously !

„Beneath the soil of a Welsh valley a heavy metal life-force regains strength: rising from the ashes of stoner doom merchants Acrimony, Sigiriya is born. Eight years after the demise of Acrimony, guitarist Stu O’Hara, bassist Mead, drummer Darren Ivey and vocalist Dorian Walters have reconvened. Not wanting the limitations of reforming a project long dead to them, Sigiriya brings a fresh take on their trademark monolithic heavy groove. While Acrimony hailed from the temples of deepest space, Sigiriya come from the earthy depths, bringing hefty, tremor-inducing sonics that pay homage to the riff. „

Spancer and Versus the stillborn-minded on tour
NewsSpancer & Versus The Stillborn-Minded

Do, 28.04.11 Potsdam - Black Fleck
Fr, 29.04.11 Halle - Marktwirtschaft
Sa, 30.04.11 Erfurt - tba

CW021: Orchid - Capricorn lim. Hardcoverbook in stock now !
NewsGo and get your copies of this amazing lim. version of the Capricorn album by Ochid.

CW021: Orchid - Capricorn Full lengh CD/ Hardcoverbook
NewsOrchid - Capricorn full length album will be out at February 15th !!!

The tracklist is:
1. Eyes behind the wall
2. Capricorn
3. Black Funeral
4. Masters of it all
5. Down into the Earth
6. He who walks alone
7. Cosmonaut of three
8. Electric Father
9. Albatross

The package is a high quality 8 pages CD-Wallet + 24 pages booklet

Beside this package there will be a lim. Edition Hardcoverbook of the album:
- luxurious (fake) leather hardcoverbook 21,5 cm x 15,5 cm
- alternative Coverartwork
- 24 pages booklet
- embroidered patch

Orchid will play the Hammer of Doom festival 28/29.10 and will be on the road in Europe with their label mates Seamount + Lord of the Grave

Two Saint Vitus 2-CD / DVDs in stock !!!!

Saint Vitus - Hallow`Victim 2-CD

Disc 1
-war is our destiny
-white stallions
-mystic lady
- hallow`s victim
- the sadist
-just friends (empty love)
- prayer for the (m)asses

better sound !!!!

Disc 2 ( Bonus CD)
Live San Diego 07.07.84
with Scott Reagers on mic.
- Saint Vitus
-white magic/ black magic
-zombie hunger
-white stallions
-hallow`s victim

nice package
16 pages full of photos,flyer......
better sound

Saint Vitus - The Walking Dead 2-CD/DVD
Disc 1:
The walking dead
- darkness
- white stallions
- the walking dead

Disc 2 ( DVD)
Live DVD: london Ontario / Canada 20.12.84
with Scott Reagers !!!!
- Saint Vitus
- white magic / black magic
- zombie hunger
- hallow`s Victim
- war is our destiny
- prayer for the (m)asses
- white stallions

better soundquality !
nice package !!
16 page booklet with never seen before photos, flyer...

lim. Edition. Buy it at the Saint Vitus tour or here !!

Seamount third album coming soon ...
NewsEpic doomrockers Seamount are nearing completion of their 3rd full length CD "III : Sacrifice" to be released once again on the prestigious The Church Within Records (Germany) with the beautifully graced cover art of legendary fantasy artist Boris Vallejo(Ozzy Osbourne, Flotsam and Jetsam, ...). Release date TBA. Seamount release their most mature record to date and looking forward to European tour dates once again in 2011.


Serpent Venom signs to The Church Within Records !!
NewsBritish Doomband Serpent Venom is now part of the Church family.
Recording duties will be dealt with at the 01th of November at Foal Studio in Wales, where bands like Electric Wizard, Moss, Blue Cheer or Hawkwind recorded allready.


Seamount will play DSR festival !!!!!
NewsSeamount will be playing DSR festival !!!!!+ warm up show in The Switzerland with Magma Rising.

08. Apr 2010 20:00 Rocktown/w. Magma Rise(HUN) Pfäffikon-CH
09. Apr 2010 19:00 Doom Shall Rise Festivla Göppingen-D

SPANCER & TEKHTON Tour 2010 !!

Montag, 22.03.2010: Dresden, Chemiefabrik

Dienstag, 23.03.2010: Vienna, Arena

Mittwoch, 24.03.2010: Horice v Podkrkonosi (Czech), Kafe! Kafka

Donnerstag, 25.03.2010: Brno (Czech), Sklenena Louka (+ Gospel of the Future)

Freitag, 26.03.2010: München, Sunny Red / Feierwerk (+ Versus The Stillborn-Minded)

Samstag, 27.03.2010: Obercunnersdorf, Jugendclub (bei Löbau, Bautzen)

ready for pre-order now !
The CD will be out at the 25th of January !!

On Tour in Feb with Doom legend SAINT VITUS :
February 3 – UK – London – O2 Academy Islington
February 4 – GER – Essen – Turock
February 5 – GER – Leipzig – Conne Island
February 6 – GER – Würzburg – Posthalle
February 7 – NED – Rotterdam – Baroeg
February 8 – BEL – Antwerpen – Trix
February 9 – F – Paris – Nouveau Casino
February 11 – ESP – Madrid – Penelope Club
February 12 – ESP – Barcelona – Mephisto
February 13 – CH – Winterthur – Gaswerk
February 14 – ITA – Milano – Bloom
February 15 – AT – Wien – Arena
February 17 – GER – Berlin – Columbia Club
February 18 – GER – Hamburg – Markthalle
February 19 – DEN – Copenhagen – Loppen
February 20 – NOR – Oslo – Betong

CW020: Orchid : Through the devils Doorway Digipack out now !!!!
NewsAmazing 70`s occult rock from San Fransisco
More Sabbath than Sabbath
Blacker than black !!

CW004: Versus the Stillborn-minded - TREATISE ON RUINS Vinyl
NewsThe "lost" record is finally out !
Again a special individual package and heavy vinyl !!!

TheDeep Blue warm up show for the LFA Festival !
NewsFriday 11.12.2009
The Deep Blue ( UK)
Gospel of the Future (CZ)

Danziger Freiheit 5
93057 Regensburg

Low Frequency Assault VI Festival
NewsSamstag, 12.12.2009

"Low Frequency Assault VI"

THE DEEP BLUE (UK) Holy Mountain Doom

LORD OF THE GRAVE (CH) Dopethrone Doom

CROWSKIN (D) Doom/Sludgecore

GOSPEL OF THE FUTURE (CZ) Destructive Sludge/Doom

Kunstverein (im Z-Bau), Frankenstr. 200, Nürnberg

CW019: Tekhton - Alluvial CD out now
NewsSecond Album for The Church Within Records out now !!!

Release Party !!!!
28.11.2009 20:00@Het Viadukt
, Groningen, Groningen

CD release party With special guests: - Heavy Lord - Versus the Stillborn Minded

Tekhton will release their new CD "ALLUVIAL"
and Versus the stillborn-minded their Vinyl "TREATISE ON RUINS at this evening.

CW017: Seamount : Light II Truth CD ( MediaPack) out now !!!
NewsThis true piece of art incl. 13 songs, 28 pages full with lyrics and paitning to each song is finally out now !!!

The Gates of Slumber / Lord Vicar Tourdates

Sun Oct. 18 Nürnberg, The Gates of Slumber only with Spiritus Mortis Kunstverein

Mon Oct. 19 Berlin The Gates of Slumber / Lord Vicar Amnesie

Tue Oct. 20 Tillburg The Gates of Slumber and Lord Vicar Little Devil http ://

Wed Oct. 21 Ghent The Gates of Slumber and Lord Vicar and Serpentcult Frontline

Thu Oct. 22 Birmingham, The Gates of Slumber , Lord Vicar The Deep Blue, The Wounded Kings - The Rainbow

Fri Oct. 23 London (venue Borderline), The Gates of Slumber, Lord Vicar and Witchsorrow

Sat Oct. 24 The Gates of Slumber at Damnation Fest, Leeds England, Lord Vicar at Dutch Doom Days, Rotterdam Baroeg

CW016: Lord Vicar - Fear no Pain 2-LP Book out now !!!
NewsSometimes a good record is like a good book......

LORD VICAR - Fear no pain 2-LP BOOK
NewsReady before the HELL'S PLEASURE festival !!!

Expect something uncommon !!!

More infos soon


FRIDAY 17.07.09

15:30 - 16:05 RESISTANCE (F)
16:25 - 17:00 BLOODY SIGN (F)
17:20 - 18:00 NECROVATION (S)
18:20 - 19:00 PAGAN RITES (S)
19:20 - 20:00 PENTAGRAM (Chile)
20:30 - 21:30 ZEMIAL (GR)
21:50 - 22:30 OFERMOD (S)
22:50 - 00:00 ABSU (US)
00:20 - open end THE DEVIL`S BLOOD (NL)

SATURDAY 18.07.09

14:30 - 15:05 REPENT
15:20 - 15:55 SERPENT CULT (B)
16:15 - 16:55 PORTRAIT (S)
17:15 - 17:55 RAZOR OF OCCAM (UK/ AUS)
18:15 - 18:55 ORLOG
19:15 - 19:55 LORD VICAR (FI)
20:15 - 20:55 DEAD CONGREGATION (GR)
21:15 - 21:55 AGATUS (GR)
22:15 - 23:10 NECROPHOBIC (S)
23:30 - 00:40 PENTAGRAM (US)
01:00 - open end ESOTERIC (UK)

02:00 Metal party

Come to the Sabbath !

Seamount is moving to Church-Within-Records!
NewsSeamount is proud to announce their joining of a new congregation, that of Church Within Records. For Seamounts second release "Light II Truth" we will proudly share the esteemed roster of Church Within Records that includes the likes of Lord Vicar, Unorthodox, The Walruz and others... Unfortunately financial restrictions would not allow Merciless Records to follow through with our newest release and we were still yet fortunate enough to find a new partnership with Oli and Church Within to release this newest recording. "Light II Truth" will be our second full length release and our first available on CD (also on 2-LP later this Year) as our debut release was vinyl only (re-release on CD in progress too ;) ). Release date is scheduled for Summer 2009. Those anxious awaiting Seamount on CD and for this latest release keep an eye on Church Within in coming weeks for news and availability!

NewsSo sad ......

CW013: Mirror of Deception / Garden of Wom Split LP OUT NOW
News12" split LP (180 gram vinly) in fancy front side folder with each 3 exclusive tracks by Mirror of Deception and Finland's Garden of Worm. Including the 12-minute doom epic "Der Student von Ulm" with Swabian (a local German dialect) lyrics.

Revelation,Lord Vicar,Mirror of Deception, Lord of the Grave Mini-Tour 2009
NewsChurch Within Records presents:
Lord Vicar
Mirror of Deception
Lord of the Grave

13.Apr.2009 Hamburg - Marx

14.Apr.2009 Zerbst ( near Halle) - KA 16

15.Apr.2009 Wien - Szene

16.Apr.2009 Crailsheim - Eiche

17.Apr.2009 DOOM SHALL RISE Festival Göppingen

18.Apr.2009 DOOM SHALL RISE Festival Göppingen

On Thursday, April 16th there will be opportunities to prepare for the festival weekend in Crailsheim and Göppingen:

At Treff pub (Kirchstrasse 20, town center) in Göppingen DJ Kodo will play the greatest doom hits for you.

Revelation, Lord Vicar, Mirror of Deception and Lord of the Grave will play a show at Eiche in Crailsheim. Doors will be 8 Euros, or 5 Euros if you show your DSR ticket.

CW015 Lord of the Grave - Raunacht CD OUT NOW
NewsVintage amplification through cracked up speakers!
Earth shattering air-twisting soil splashing heavy hypnotic riffing with mesmerising chants. An alcohol fuelled roaring from the grave and beyond, which takes you to the highest levels, casts you in the deepest depths. The hallucination of sanity.

Fuck the weak shit!

CW014: Revelation - Revelation CD OUT NOW
NewsRevealtions first recording. After 20 year first time on CD:

The track list for the record:

1. Poets and Paupers
2. Lost Innocence
3. Salvation's Answer
4. Paradox
5. Long After Midnight
6. Waiting for... the End

The Deep Blue new 10" out now !!!!
Newsthe second trip on The Church Within Records:

Sun Worshiper 10" Vinyl

two new songs.

Holy Mountain Doom !!

Lord of the Grave is a new member of the Church !
NewsA new member of the Church Within family is = Lord of the Grave from the Switzerland.
First record will be out beginning of next year.

Expect a heavy monster !!!
More infos:

Lord Vicar "Fear no Pain" Tour 2008/09
NewsThe Church Within presents:

Lord Vicar "Fear no Pain" Tour 2008/09

Special Guest: The Deep Blue

8 November Rockstation Halle ( + Tekhton)
9 November Bastardclub Osnabrück
10 November Marx Hamburg
11 November Wild at Heart Berlin
12 November Escape Club Wien ( Österreich) (+Lowbau)
13 November Kunstverein (KV) Nürnberg
14 November Einsiedeln (Schweiz) Dawn of Doom Festival
15 November Einsiedeln ( Schweiz) Danw of Doom Festival

part 2 of the tour will be in 2009 with two special guests

See you on the road !

CW009: Reverend Bizarre / Kuolema Split 7" out now !!!
NewsOne of the last Split Vinyl of Reverend Bizarre ( R.I.P.) is out now !!

The Deep Blue News
NewsDuly to the tour in November with Lord Vicar, The Deep Blue will put out a 10" on The Church Within Records.

Lord Vicar signs with The Church Within Records !!!
News"We, Lord Vicar, hailing from Finland, Sweden and UK, are currently recording our debut album Fear No Pain for German doom metal label The Church Within Records"

FEAR NO PAIN (The Church Within Records, 2008)

Down the Nails
Pillars Under Water
Born of a Jackal
The Last of the Templars
The Spartan
A Man Called Horse
The Funeral Pyre

Tour in November with The Deep Blue. The dates coming soon

Unorthodox - Awaken OUT NOW
NewsNow you can buy the brandnew Unorthodox CD "Awaken" from the Doom-Dealer Shop.

Dawn of Doom Festival
NewsDAWN OF DOOM 2 Festival @ Einsiedeln/ Switzerland

Line Up:
+ Special Guest

More info:

Unorthodox - Awaken CD coming soon
NewsThe masterpiece of the MarylandDoomLegend is coming out soon. So watch the sky

The Church Within Records / Doom-Dealer online Supermarket / NEW Hompage
yes it`s true !!!. After months finally a new page ! New design.
Thanks to: Daniel, Manfred, and Witchcraft 70” and Satanis the Devil`s mass

Many new items are added to the Doom-Dealer shop (see below)!

Expect a busy year with many Church Within Releases !!!!

The River – Broken Window 10”
NewsOUT NOW !!!!!!!!!

“The River have now recorded a 10" for The Church Within Records (Germany). It has a re-recorded-slower-than-the-album version of 'Broken Window', a re-recorded-with-completely-different-to-the-album-ending version of 'Inside The Flood Diary' plus a brand new track entitled 'To Bring Closure' which we've been playing live recently.”

Unorthodox – new album
After 1,5 year in the studio the new album “Awaken” is ready.
Expect one of the best Maryland Doom Album since ages !!! ( Sherman / Earthride)

“Unorthodox were one of the many Maryland based doom metal bands in the early 90's. They were originally formed around 1990 under the name Asylum but since there was another band with that name they changed to Unorthodox for the release of their debut album in 1993. Soon after the release of their second album in 1995 their label Hellhound Records closed its doors and the band was dormant for some time. In early 2000 the band was revived once again and have been playing live in the Washington DC area. In early 2004 the band reunited once .

NewsIt is a huge honor for me to to announce that The Church Within Record will put out all Force material !!!
At the moment Alfred Morris is doing the fransfer of the old recordings to a new format

“Force forms in suburban Maryland with, according to an early press sheet, “the sole purpose of being a Black Sabbath tribute band.” The group’s various lineups break metal gender and racial barriers by including both female and African-American members. Band motto: “Blacker Than Black Sabbath.”

Church of Misery – Taste the pain Pic-Vinyl
NewsRe-Release of the classic Bad Acid and hard to find CD.. First time on vinyl !

Versus the stillborn-minded – Treatise on ruins Vinyl
NewsThe new MiniLP called "Treatise on ruins" will be available this year. Maybe some years later. No one knows. It will surely be released on THE CHURCH WITHIN RECORDS.

Mirror of Deception / Garden of Worm Split LP
NewsWe’ve just finished recording 3 new songs (including a Bathory cover song) with Mr. Michelle Darkness (End of Green) at the mixing board for yet another split release. This time it will be split-LP with Finnish doomsters Garden of Worm and it will be released on The Church Within Records later in 2008.

CW007: The River - Broken Window
NewsFinally the vinyl is here !!! See the shop for details

The Church Bizarre Records - Current releases:

Reverend Bizarre / Kuolema Split 7"Reverend Bizarre / Kuolema Split 7", 7 inch


Unorthodox - Awaken CDUnorthodox - Awaken CD

Unorthodox - Awaken CD

TheWalruz – One way ticketTheWalruz – One way ticket, CD


The River – Broken WindowThe River – Broken Window, 10"

The River – Broken Window

The Deep Blue – Antartic AbyssThe Deep Blue – Antartic Abyss, CD


Doom-Dealer Shop news:
TCR Releases
The Gates of Slumber – Live at Tempe Arizona CD
The Gates of Slumber – Live at Tempe Arizona LP ( Black)
The Gates of Slumber – Live at Tempe Arizona LP ( Colour)
Thronehammer - Usurper of the Oaken Throne 2-LP(Black)
Thronehammer - Usurper of the Oaken Throne 2-LP(Frost)
Crestfallen Queen - Queen of Swords
Lord Vicar - The Black Powder CD

Minsk - out of the Center which is neither dead Nor alive CD
Monolord - Your Time CD
Red Fang - Arrows CD
Red Fangs - Arrow CD Boxset
The Necromancers - Of Blood and Wine CD
Witchcryer - Cry Witch CD
Reverend Bizarre - Slice of Doom CD / DVD Box

Mephistofeles - La Bimba Di Satana 7"
The Obsessed - Church Within 2-LP
The Sword - Conquest of Kingdoms 3-LP
Monolord - Your Time LP
Red Fang - Arrows LP
Valkyrie - Fear LP
Windhand - Leviation Sessions 2-LP ( Marbled)

Cirith Ungol - Logo Shirt Size L
Cirith Ungol - Logo Shirt Size M
Mantar - Ablaze Baseballlongsleeve Size XXL
Graveyard - GoliathSuit Shirt Size L
Graveyard - GoliathSuit Shirt Size M
Graveyard - GoliathSuit Shirt Size XL
Sleep - Logo Shirt Size M

Eyehategod - Complete Discography 8 x Tape Box
Death SS - Darkest Night DVD + CD
Boris - Live in Japan DVD
Solitude Aeturnus: Hour of Despair DVD
Cathedral - Our God has landed DVD
Eyehategod - Live DVD
Witch DVD

Patches, Pins...
Conan - Hammer 2 Small Patch
Conan - Hammer Small Patch
Dawn of Winter - Patch
Pentagram - Golden patch
Spiritus Mortis - Patch
Conan - Evidence of Immortality Patch
Conan - Logo Patch

Prints, Poster...
Ghost - Chalice
Eyehategod - Print
Neurosis - Print
Hidden Hand Tour Print
Monarch Print
OM – concert Print

Fire Magazine Issue 6
Doom Metal Lexicanum I Hardbackbook
Doom Metal Lexicanum II Hardbackbook
Death SS - Necromancer of Rock Book
Master of the Pit Zine Issue 3
Yob - The Raw Within Hardcoverbook
Fire Magazine Issue 4